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Headpieces on Catwalks

In the latest edition, I will also update some style feed on diverse catwalks. Some celebrities give nods to different veils for their interesting and novel style. Another darling on the Rodarte catwalk is the diamond veil cascading down from a boater hat, which is presented by Marc Jocobs.

Beekeeper Series

In spring and summer 2049 hat trends, the most unexpected style is the beekeeper headgear. Compared with previous hat trend, the style is a more dramatic version. It goes without saying that it has made a fashion statement at elegant soirées. Simone Rocha bear the beekeeper hat and run rampant with stunning colors. Many other similar hats are also shown on the same catwalk. In addition to the above-mentioned beekeeper hats, such hats have appeared on the Erdem runway, too.

Dad Hats and Visors

In 2019, dad caps also made a comeback. Compared with previous dad caps, new ones are renewed with interesting ideas and materials. Most people may surprise at the straw hats on Chanel’s catwalk. Jeremy Scottt also showed a reworked attempt at dad hats. For people prefer to bright and exaggerate style, a branded and beaded hat by  Emporio Armani is a great choice as well.

Bucket Hats

Sonia Rykiel and Etro brought new look bucket hats to all. Such hats have made a resurgence since almost vanished post-90s fashion. At present, it is no doubt that we want such style very much. Current new bucket hats are infused with rich colors and patterns while preserving their key characteristics over the last two decades. Sportmax’s designs flaunt protection from factors like bright colors and eye-catching patterns. Chin straps attached on hats allow confident wear.

Knit Hats

Although people will seldom wear knit hats in summer, a load of cute knit hats are designed for chilly transitional spring days. One could stay in warm and look on trend at the same time. On the spring/summer 2019 hat trends list, some vigorously patterned knit berets earned a place. They are infused with many light colors and amount of materials, so that people could wear hats exactly the way they want. Several hats, ranging from colorful bucket hats to elaborate vintage caps, varied in shapes and styles have been shown by models.

Knit Hats

Boater Hats

Among a superb collection of boater hats on runways, some metallic boater hats hit on multiple spring/summer 2019 hat trends list, especially one silvery white veiled boater hat shown by Marc Jacobs. Saint Laurent flaunted boater hats in an unusual way, in which boaters sit directly on people’s heads. But, Saint Laurent showed them with such hats tiled back, keeping the face away from being obstructed by boaters.

Almost in every season, wide-brimmed hats were listed into the upcoming hat trends list. It is not surprised that wide-brimmed hats are easy to wear, fashionable and comfortable. On the catwalk of Saint Laurent, models were adorned with additional headbands. Among many wide-brimmed hats, a bright-red one is the most eye-catching hat.

Today’s sharing on hat fashion is going to end. I will bring style feeds next time.

Jump on the 2019 Bucket Hat Trend

After a long-term total absence, the bucket hat has made a big comeback, which is a bad news for people hate it. On the 2019 catwalks of couture, many fishing hats varied in shapes, colors and materials have been shown by models. All these signals confirm the presence of bucket hats in the next season. In case you can not wait for the snakeskin bucket hat of Versace, you could get it if it haunts in your dream. The following part is guidance of 2019 bucket hat trend, which may be useful to choosing new headgear for you in 2019. Before looking through the latest new-ins, I recommend one bucket hat shop online to all readers. It is an outlet dedicated to bucket hat, and one will be spoilt for choices with diverse bucket hats.

Red Snakeskin Bucket Hat & Low-Key Black Bucket Hat

The fiery red snakeskin bucket hat catch attention from spectators upon it has emerged on catwalks. The hat is dyed with red and black, which is a classic combination of color. Look at corresponding clothes on the model’s body, a black and luxurious top under the fiery red blazer. Compared with the wild outfit of Versace, an outfit on catwalks of Alyx Spring 2019 Menswear is more suitable for daily looks. A low-key black bucket hat goes with predominate black outfit; such a classic white and black combination is both utilitarian and fashionable. The spring and summer fashion show 2019 are about more than sun protection and general outfits. More resurgence of chic clothes come into the sight of the public.

Considering specific weather and climate conditions, most spring / summer 2019 hat are made from lighter materials, and are varied in colors, prints and patterns. Luckily, some well-liked hat trends in fall are included on the spring 2019 headwear trend list. Similar to fedoras and reminiscent bucket hats in the 1990s, all of them could be worn in more than one way, and are potential epitome of fashion circles.

Veiled hats have been gaining ground in the spotlight for the several previous fashion shows. Such trends allow people who would like to celebrate the renewal of spring in different styles. In addition to these remarkable headpieces, pillboxes and fascinators also appeared in the sight of the public, paying homage to drama only through a veil. Almost any hat with a veil contributes to alluring eye appeal. Fortunately, the once special artistry reserved for the most elaborate funeral scenes have turned to be an everyday accessory in a bevy of colors.

Veils on the catwalk of Rodarte seems more romantic. All of them in softer pastels pair with flowers. It seems that those flowers are cascaded down on models. Simone Rocha takes on a string of wide-brimmed hats with a veil in several colors on a buzzing turn. Among them, the most notable one is a contrasting play on a black and white trim.