Police: KTB investigation near its end


Police investigators have almost completed questioning witnesses in the two criminal cases involving the Krung Thai Bank (KTB) loans scandal and have expressed confidence that they will be able to forward them to the Anti-Money Laundering Office by March 9.

Maj-General Siriphong Ongsaengkhun, who heads the probe team, said investigators had questioned up to six witnesses involving KTB’s irregular loan of Bt9.9-billion to Golden Technology Industrial Park.

“This case has lots of details and is very complicated. It took place between early 2003 and April 2004 and involves a lot of people,’’ he said.

“But investigators have been trying to wrap up this case. We hope to conclude the case by next week and forward it to the Anti-Money Laundering Office.”

As for the second case – involving KTB’s irregular loan of Bt2.8 billion to Thonburi Panich – Siriphong said investigators had made significant progress because the case was less complicated than that of Golden Technology Industrial Park.

“We still have one or two witnesses to question. Within this week, we should be able to conclude the case,” he added.

The Bank of Thailand has filed criminal suits against 13 suspects allegedly involved in the KTB’s Bt9.9-billion loan to Golden Technology Industrial Park.

They include: Viroj Nualkhair, Suchai Jaovisidha, Machima Kunjara Na Ayudhaya – all from the KTB side – and Subin Saengsuwanmekha, Bancha Yindee, Maitree Luangnimitmas, who are non-KTB.

In the second case, the central bank filed suits against Dusit Tengniyom and Yaovaluck Likhitwatananurak, both senior KTB officials, for alleged financial misconduct. Other defendants include Sawang Mankhongcharoen, an investment banker, and Thonchai Jira-alongkorn and Suwaporn Thongthiew of Thonburi Panich.

Published on February 25, 2005