Whether Atletico Madrid Deserved to Win Eibar

Diego Simeone didn’t declared that whether Atletico Madrid well worth winning Eibar after their team beat Eibar 1-0. The goalkeeper Jan Oblak was called on several times to preserve the leading place of Atletico Madrid after Kevin Gameiro netted the opening goal in the first half of the match. However, Simeone declared that taking refuge at the moment of going ahead is a strategic method, and he doesn’t care questions about Atletico Madrid’s positive effects in winning all three points. He reveals that he will never embroiled in the topic whether the match is justice or not. The result is the result itself, and he will not interrupt in the decision.

The status of confronting a goal indicates whether the team is in good shape or not. Oblak saved a goal in a brilliant manner to damage the header of Joan Jordan; after this save, he was alerted with a goal from Paulo Oliveira, successfully keeping the goal out of net.

Nevertheless, Simeone didn’t leave the goal to goalkeeper completely for not endowing full credit to his goalkeeper. He played the match as usual and as other football players. In the end, his team will benefit from their collective efforts. The football match started from strikers, then the defenders and then Oblak, a talented footballer who resolved problems as usual.

An excellent professional football player Simeone says he will be grateful for more options in conquer after the participation of Diego Costa and Vitolo, who started matches as Angel Correa.

The participation of Costa and Vitolo will build up overall strength of the football club, and the team will affected by positive effects from matches. There are many alternatives and they are same in finding strategy to make the team being first. Atletico Madrid were thankful to the goalkeeper Jan Oblak for the bridging the gap with leading football club Barcelona to six points with a narrow win over Eibar.

The visitor’s win proved to be the only goal in in the match in the 27th munite as Antoine Griezmann intercepted the ball from the right towards Kevin Gameiro. The footballer passed the goal by the running Marko Dmitrovic from close distance. Eibar is always looking for opportunities for the first six places, equivalent to a football team after the goal. The Slovenian was shocked by the header from Paulo Oliveira in the 11th minute.

The important Oblak reacted to keep out a low effort from Takashi Inui instantly.

Atletico Madrid Overcome the Arrogant Eibar

With the assistance of Jan Oblak and Kevin Gameiro, Atletico Madrid overcome the arrogant Eibar. Atletico Madrid won ten more points of Manchester City’s rival Real Madrid, walking one more step to their second-place target in La Liga with the 1-0 win to Eibar. On Saturday, all footballers played the match in pouring rain, sparing their efforts collectively in individual behaviors.

For favorable possessions and chances, Atletico Madrid began a stronger and fetch a deserved lead through Kevin Gameiro after some amazing build-up matches, which should have been the motivations for an easy win.

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