Jan Oblak in Atletico Madrid Shirt

As one of excellent goalkeepers, it’s abnormal that there isn’t more noise around him. Although he is adept at catching football, there is no trending topic focused on him. It sounds strange for a popular professional football player. Perhaps most football fans do not refer him as much as possible.

In the era of crosses and shots, Oblak do not dedicate to flash and fuss. On the contrary, he always grabs the ball and holds on to it. His father was a keeper in the third division. At the age of 10, Jan Oblak left capital and began arduous training, running 60km or so a day. When he was 16, he reached the division and signed professional contract with Benfica prior to his 17th birthday. He grew into one of the best goalkeepers in the world at the age of 25. The reason why few people focused on him and talked about him lies in he seldom posts twitter or emerged in interviews. His efforts also contributed to his success to a certain extent.

Barcelona Kit
Barcelona Kit

The Atletico Madrid goalkeeper is spectacular then. In many cases, he will not let the ball pass him. Beginning from 22 years old, Oblak won the Zamora award for his preeminent performances in pitches of Spanish League. He also kept the record about the 100th clean sheet. Compared with Manuel Neuer’s 188 and Víctor Valdes’s 217 football games, Oblak reached the mark only in 178 games. At the start of his joining from Benfica, there is some doubt on his ability, because he faced three shots and conceded three goals. Some even doubt that whether he deserved the sky-high transfer fee.

In the last season, he had clean sheets in over 50% football games. The percentage is higher than those of Keylor Navas at 32.4 percent and Marc-Andre ter Stegen at 40.8 percent. For instance, he emerged in headlines of sports news.

When he lifted the Ricardo Zamora Trophy, Oblak says that it is a trophy for everyone rather than himself only. Certainly, what he said is true. In the last season, many football clubs allowed fewer goals than Atletico. So far, no one has published some injustice and many persons have recognized Oblak’s ability. He didn’t play for the World Cup, nor for the Champions League for a long time. At the same time, some will refer him when they talk about the topic about the best goalkeeper.

Atletico Madrid
Atletico Madrid

In Spain, much news involving the goalkeeper will diffuse silently rather than shouting out or splashing out. In 2017, he said he would like to work for Atletico Madrid for one more year while he considered putting on Barcelona kit in the summer of 2018. Atletico Madrid is confronted with the possibility of losing two competent footballers. There is no wonder they worried about the matter very much.

It’s certain that Griezmann will stay with the team for renewed contract, leaving him the second best paid football player in the state. After the news’ publication, Saul said that the only thing they need to do is renew the contract with Oblak.

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