Boss of Newcastle Merrick looks for Method over Pepper Tackle

The coach of football club Newcastle Ernie Merrick needs an action to prove that the recruited footballer Pato Rodriguez is a good footballer Saturday’s A-League clash against Wellington. For the sake of his bruised ankle, he have to left to nursing his ankle and absent to training on Monday. Two dexterous feet of Jacob Pepper posed a great challenge for him in the second half the 1-0 win on Friday.

Although Pepper was not penalized for the incident, Merrick has told it to referees for further adjustment. After some officials were asked to confess that they have not perceived the 54th-minute errors when it was blocked.

Merrick taken it as a terrible interception for negative effects on Rodriguez, who got hurt in the horrible tackle. The footballer says they had thought to avoid the tackle as much as possible. Although we would not like to loss an excellent footballer, a two-footed interception was kicked from opposite players. If referees perceived the scene successfully and if they processed the situation with a yellow card or some resemblances, they could not review it. In the contrary, they can review it in the present condition. Some don not believe the malicious attitude held by Pepper, and they argues that the incident may caused by a rush of blood or something.

“In the event that we would like to keep the best football player continue playing matches in the following term, we have to leave them on the park, entertaining public and grow the A-League.”

The match review panel of A-League is duo to meet on Monday

In the break between the first half and the second half of the match, Argentine Rodriguez was asked to play a role of substitute. Although the rest of football players are exhausted in football fields, he spared no efforts to restrict his football.

“Ahead of this match, he never hobbled for ankle injuries; but at present, he even cannot participated in today’s training. We football fans are keen on his whole-week training, so that he could play the following matches from the start of next week. But, we cannot ensure whether he could play football matches from the beginning of the next week for the bruised ankle.

At the same time, Merrick indicated that the injured footballer Jets marquee Ronald Vargas could come back to football pitch for further training in several days in spite of he is recovering from his broken leg.

The Venezuela international football team has experienced horrible rest in October last year while the team is likely to come back in the last month. As the substitute of an injured football player, Rodriguez has played football matches with above two footballers at AEK Athens.

Celta’s Iago Aspas was accused of racial discrimination

The midfielder Jefferson Lerma was accused of uttering a racist slander to insult him during La Liga match. In the contrary, Jefferson Lerma denied the matter and declared that this kind of thing will not happen. When in the interview of Celta’s website, the footballer denied he never say what he said I did.

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